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interviews | January 18, 2024

Meet the Jury Interview
Tay Guan Hin 


As the esteemed Creative Chairman of BBDO Singapore, Tay Guan Hin is a creative powerhouse and internationally recognized creative thinker. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, he has proven his ability to lead significant agency networks such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Wunderman Thompson, Grey, and Leo Burnett. His remarkable achievements have garnered him recognition through over 300 international creative awards.

We are thrilled to have you on the 2024 US International Awards jury. Please tell us more about your professional journey in the creative field and how you navigate your daily work life.

It's a pleasure to be on the 2024 US International Awards jury. My journey in the creative industry has been both enriching and transformative. Launching my first book "Collide," which became an Amazon #1 bestseller in under 24 hours, was a career highlight this year. This success underscores my commitment to embracing conflict as a catalyst for creativity.

As the Creative Chairman of BBDO Singapore, I've had the privilege of working with global networks like Saatchi & Saatchi, Wunderman Thompson, Grey, and Leo Burnett. I have focused on leveraging digital engagement to enhance brand preference for significant clients like Visa, AIA, Audi, Shell, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, P&G, HSBC, and Unilever. This approach has proven effective in increasing market share and addressing complex business challenges.

I was the first Southeast Asian Singaporean to be a Jury President at Cannes Lions and the first to preside over the Design & Art Direction London. My involvement in prestigious regional events like APAC Effie and Adfest further showcases my commitment to excellence in creativity.

My everyday work life is a blend of personal and professional commitments, from waking up early to sending my daughter to school to staying up late brainstorming the next big idea. 

Your involvement in various industry events and awards is quite extensive. Can you give us more insight into your responsibilities and the factors that drive you? 

I am passionate about sharing knowledge. As a global keynote speaker at various industry events, including TEDx, Spikes Asia, AdStar, Brand Magic Summit, One Show, and Cannes Lions, I've shared insights with major clients such as the US Grain Council, Tencent, NTUC, TikTok, Meta, and Unilever.

Nurturing future talents is close to my heart. I founded the first student awards in Singapore with Patrick Low and have consistently mentored young creatives. My role as a mentor in various industry events reflects my dedication to innovation and talent development.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

What I enjoy most in my job is the ability to influence and inspire through creativity and the opportunity to continually challenge and redefine the boundaries of what's possible in advertising and branding.

With 30 years of experience under your belt, you have contributed to countless projects. Are there projects that are particularly memorable for you?

I've been involved in quite a few exciting projects, but one that stands out is this unique challenge we took on with the Ministry of Health Holdings in Singapore. They wanted to draw the younger generation, particularly Gen Z, into considering healthcare careers, which is no small feat! So, what we did was pretty innovative. BBOO and Livewire created an in-game inside "Fortnite". Now, you might think, "Fortnite and healthcare? How does that work?" But that's the beauty of it. We took the game's battle-focused gameplay and flipped it on its head. Instead of the usual combat, we created a special map set in a virtual version of Singapore's Marina, where players focus on healing each other to win. It's all about caring and making a difference, you know? We also roped in some big-name Twitch streamers to help spread the word. Their influence was vital in getting the message out to Gen Z. Those guys live on streaming platforms. And to ground it in reality, we got actual healthcare professionals involved. They shared their real-life experiences, giving a taste of what a healthcare career is like. The most challenging part was definitely reimagining a battle royale game into something that celebrates healthcare. We had to think about how to make healing as engaging as taking down an opponent. But when did we see players getting into the healing challenges, and when did the conversations about healthcare careers start? That's when we knew we had done something right. Seeing how we connected healthcare to Gen Z in a language they understand and enjoy has been super rewarding. It's all about showing them that a healthcare career can be as exciting and impactful as the games they love.

What are you currently working on? And what else is planned for the upcoming time?

Things tend to slow down a bit for us at the beginning of the year. We've got our hands on a bunch of exciting projects right now, but I've got to keep the lid on the details for the time being. Still, there's this buzz in the air, like we're all waiting for the next big thing. And we're really pumped about teaming up with some forward-thinkers who want to shake things up and make a real difference in the world, both socially and professionally.

You have won more than 300 creative awards yourself. What does an award represent to you?

Getting an award is like hitting the dopamine in creativity. It's like a shout-out for daring to push the limits and make something unique. You know when you see someone snag an award for something awesome they've done? It lights a fire under my butt to up my game and shake things up.

Plus, awards help build this vibe of innovation and growth where I work. They're like a gold standard that shows us what we can aim for and gets everyone psyched to step up and move the whole industry forward.

And let's not forget that awards are magnets for talent! They pull in the most imaginative folks out there, creating this space where we're all pushing to win while helping each other out. It makes you want to bring your A-game to work every day.

In your opinion, what makes a "good" corporate video? Alas, what are you looking for in a winning entry?

Do you know what makes a corporate video click with people? It's when it feels natural and hits you in all the right places. It has to be all about what the company truly stands for, without any fluff or predictable clichés. I mean, who wants to watch something that feels like an AI churned it out, right?

It's about being bold, too. Imagine a video that goes out of the same old road. It's the one that throws in a curveball and makes you sit up and think, "Hey, that's new!" It's about getting inspired to do something, not just nod and move on. It's like when a brand tells you, "Come on, let's do this together," and you want to get up and join the movement.

Keep it simple but throw in a surprise so it sticks with you. The story must be clear but deep enough to make you pause and mull it over a coffee.

And it's not just about patting themselves on the back. A killer video should show off the innovative stuff a company's doing and how they're planning to rock the world. It's like saying, "Check out the footprints we're leaving behind – pretty neat, huh?" And this gets people talking and dreaming of what's next.    

Are there any tips for potential entrants? Production-wise and presentation-wise?

Getting your work to stand out in a sea of submissions is definitely a blend of art and science. Think of it like this: judges are swamped, right? Your piece has to catch their eye in a snap. That's where you need a killer hook. Imagine something so visually stunning, a story so touching, or even an idea so out of the box that it grabs them the second they see it.

And let's talk about PR. It's not just about crafting something extraordinary; it's about making sure the right people are buzzing about it even before it competes. You've got to stir up interest, get people talking, and weave a story that sticks with the judges so when they see your work, they're already a bit in love with it.


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July 04, 2024

Jury Insights Interview
Andrea Florence

We are thrilled to present an exclusive interview with Andrea Florence, an Emmy award-winning Executive Producer renowned for her exceptional work in high-rating factual shows across global broadcasters and platforms. In this interview, Andrea shares her valuable insights from her recent experience as a jury member for the documentary categories at the 2024 US International Awards. She discusses the documentaries that stood out to her the most, offering a glimpse into what makes a truly remarkable production in today's competitive landscape.

Thank you for being part of the 2024 US International Awards Jury! You and your fellow jury members watched a huge number of entries. How would you describe the overall quality of the entries?

My selection included a wide range of shows: some beautifully crafted with high production values, amazing photography, and witty scripts, while others were incredibly powerful and emotionally charged.

Please tell us more about your judging process.

When I judge, I find it essential to be in a quiet environment with no time pressures. To ensure fairness, I always begin by reviewing the background information to understand the context thoroughly. I believe in the importance of careful consideration, often revisiting sections of the performances and adjusting my scores as needed. Only after watching all the assigned videos, I finalize my scores.

Which submissions impressed you the most or still stick in your mind and why?

There were many powerful shows, but two documentaries from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation still stick in my mind. The documentary "This Tuesday I'm going to die" stays with me – it’s both heart-rending and thought-provoking, and it brings to light the many issues arising from assisted dying.

The other documentary, "CARTWHEELS & HEADACHES - A Children's Hospice from the Inside," though very sad, was very sensitively filmed and gave a portrait of amazing people working in this area.

Was it difficult to choose a Grand Award Winner?

Each had its own particular strength, making the final choice incredibly difficult. It took some time and repeated viewings to decide the final scores.



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June 26, 2024

2024 US International Awards: Announcing the Winners

The 2024 edition of the prestigious US International Awards has concluded, celebrating outstanding achievements in corporate videos, online & social media videos, and documentaries & reports. This year's big winners include 80s Creative, Saudi Ministry of Culture (both Saudi Arabia), DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Denmark), TVN Warner Bros. Discovery (Poland), 1Camera (Netherlands), and Switzerland Tourism.

Celebrating outstanding achievements in visual storytelling, the winner announcement highlights a diverse range of projects that have captivated audiences, including a tourism spot with tennis pro Roger Federer and comedian Trevor Noah, a multi-awarded campaign promoting Saudi Coffee, and emotionally moving documentaries on sensitive subjects such as euthanasia and war crimes against Ukrainian women.

This year, the competition saw a remarkable array of entries from around the globe. "Each entry demonstrated a unique blend of creativity and technical skill, making the jury's task of selecting winners both challenging and rewarding," said Alexander V. Kammel, Director of the US International Awards.

Among the big winners are the Grand Award winners, which produced the best entry within a main category, and the Specialty Award winners, such as Best Production Company of the Year and Best Agency of the Year. These exceptional entities and their remarkable works have risen above the competition, leaving an indelible mark on their respective fields.

Specialty Award Winners

Production Company of the Year: 80s Creative (Saudi Arabia)

Client Company of the Year: Saudi Ministry of Culture (Saudi Arabia)

Agency of the Year: 80s Creative (Saudi Arabia)

TV Network of the Year: DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Denmark)

Film School of the Year: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

Grand Award Winners

Corporate Videos: "The Power of Together" - 1Camera for Achmea (Netherlands) 

Online & Social Media: "Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. The Ride of a Lifetime" - TUNA production AG in cooperation with WIRZ Group for Switzerland Tourism (Switzerland)

Documentaries & Reports: "What if the war ends tomorrow" - TVN Warner Bros. Discovery (Poland)

Documentaries & Reports: "This Tuesday I'm going to die" - DR Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Denmark)

Student Videos: "Delivery for Mr. Frogula" - Nadia Zimmermann from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Germany)


The 2024 US International Awards not only celebrate outstanding achievements but also serve as a showcase of the best international video productions. The full list of the 2024 US International Awards winners can be found at

The 2025 edition of the US International Awards are already on the way and will open call for entries in September later this year.


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